As part of this release, amongst other great additions, we’re excited to present schools with a sneak peek of our powerful new tool – the Lab Reports Toolkit (Redi).

Take a look at what’s in store from IntoScience V1.8a:

Redi Lab Reports Preview

Redi takes the core of science in questioning how the universe works and helps science classes learn how to answer these questions by building a scientific investigation.

The Redi Lab Reports Toolkit is now available on all teacher and student dashboards to preview. Simply follow the link on the dashboard and be prepared to run lab reports with ease through a number of features including:

  • A simple way to deliver reports straight to the teacher

  • A safety section for describing risk management

  • Easy to use tools to graph results or capture observations

  • Detailed explanations of important steps, such as the hypothesis and conclusion

  • Quick-glance marking tools to provide feedback and mark a rubric on the same screen

  • and much more – sign in to try it out!

Redi takes the core of science in questioning how the universe works and helps science classes learn how to answer these questions by building a scientific investigation.

Redi Lab Reports is a toolkit for the classroom laboratory. By scaffolding the reporting process, teachers can guide their students through an experiment and its write-up. Students fill in the fields, answering questions and filling in the template, and then submit their assignment for marking.

For Teachers

Teachers can help students learn by using Redi’s scaffold built to rehearse scientific investigations. Redi allows teachers to write and deliver scientific investigation templates with ease and then receive and report on student progress. A perfect tool to streamline the investigation process and allow teachers more time to invest in their students.

For Students

Students can begin to understand the necessary skills needed to properly conduct experiments. The more they develop, the greater their thoughts and understanding relating to scientific methodology can become. Students will partake in experimentation activities and hints that explain concepts in a way that is easy to understand on an individual and class level.

Redi is ready made to help beginners start their science passion or help more experienced users grow a greater love for it.  Explore Redi and see how you can use it to have greater control over practical work and progress.

New Introduction Sequence

For those beginning a new IntoScience adventure, a fresh introduction has been built to help walk newcomers through their first steps. New introduction activities provide more clarity into the key features and interactives for IntoScience.

 All this is built up in a new look and feel to ensure students and teachers hit the ground running.

Video scripts

All narrated videos now feature a script option, meaning that those with hearing issues or without headphones have an equal opportunity to remain engaged in the wide range of learning videos IntoScience provide.

Activities and features such as the periodic table tool have also been updated to improve readability.

Restart activities

For the students that often find themselves getting stuck in their activities, more reset buttons have been incorporated in the more complex interactives to help them get their head around difficult concepts.

We hope you and your students enjoy the latest version of IntoScience.

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