IntoScience-Release-1-5-banner-1771x802IntoScience Release version 1.5 is here! Packed with exciting and helpful new features for students and teachers, this release is an upgrade on the already revolutionary resource that is IntoScience. New features in Version 1.5 include:

Improved Teacher console

Teachers will now go directly to the teacher console when they sign in. The teacher console gives teachers a quick overview of their current class and shows which students from the class are currently online or offline. Teachers can also view the class results and look at any one student in detail. The console also has quick access to support resources, class results page and the main 3D environments.

View list of students currently online

Teachers can now view a full list of their students’ online status, enabling more classroom control and ensuring that students stay on task.


See student text answers in real time

By switching to student answer view, teachers can now see text input answers from all students in real time. Teachers can now browse student’s answers as they write, allowing for greater understanding of student knowledge and enabling real-time feedback.

Feedback to students

Inquiry points displayed in Activity Menu

The Activity Menu has been upgraded to display the current users inquiry points total in the the Topics view. This gives clear indication to students where they have completed material and where they still have work to do.


The Jenolan Caves quest series – aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Science

Due to 3P Learning’s exciting partnership with the CSIRO, an immersive, curriculum aligned quest series created within the Jenolan Caves has come to life! Computer scientists from CSIRO and science education experts from 3P Learning have used the CSIRO’s latest laser scanning technology, Zebedee, to virtually simulate the caves, allowing students to explore the real-life location from their classroom.

To celebrate this innovative virtual environment, 3P Learning are holding Australia’s Biggest Virtual School Excursion. To find out more about this great, free initiative, click HERE. Get your class involved today!


Jenolan Caves End Challenge

After your students have thoroughly explored the caves, you might like to have them complete the new Jenolan Caves end challenge to test their knowledge, application and reasoning skills acquired through the investigation program!

To learn more about the extensive existing features that IntoScience offers, click Here.