Since the hugely successful launch earlier in the year, the IntoScience team have been busily working away to develop the program. Today a host of brand new tools and resources have been released…

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NEW Teacher controls
Screen Shot Teacher control menuIt is now even easier to manage your students in the classroom. Two brand new features are now available within the teacher control panel – Summon Class and Restrict Navigation.

Summon Class is a world first feature for an e-learning resource. Holding group or whole-class lessons is now as simple as a mouse click. Simply head to the activity you wish to focus on, access the teacher menu and select “Summon Class”. All your students will be transported from whatever they are doing around the IntoScience environments into the activity you have selected, allowing you to hold a focussed learning session. Restrict Navigation allows you to “lock” students into a particular learning area, restricting their ability to access other parts of the program. Two powerful tools for the classroom.

NEW Curriculum content

IntoScience is expanding. Not only is another whole topic now available for Year 7 students (Renewable and non-renewable resources), but for the first time Year 8 content is now available. Two topics – “Biology: Cells” and “Physics: States of Matter”  are now available for Year 8, with more to follow in the coming months. What’s more, several existing curriculum activities have been reimagined and now have even greater educational depth. Fly around Energy Island, explore  states of matter with the IntoScience particle viewer and build your own cells in the ‘Cell Constructor’. Just some of the 15 new activities in this release!

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NEW Lesson Guides and Worksheets

Screen Shot lesson guide worksheet downloadIntoScience’s teacher resources have already proven hugely popular, especially the powerful lesson guides that accompany each activity. A huge number of these guides are now available to download and print directly from within IntoScience activities, along with a range of brand new accompanying student worksheets. The IntoScience team are themselves scientists and science teachers, so you can have confidence in the powerful educational value of these addition resources. Reinforce the learning gained within the online Intoscience environment.

For more information on IntoScience, or any of its new features contact the team at IntoScience.


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