Have you ever tried out a new teaching tool that your students were going crazy for, but wondered “how can I teach with this?” or “how can I get the best results out of something like this in my classroom?”

You are definitely not alone. The pace of technology is racing ahead, and nowhere is this more true than the classroom. Our IntoScience platform is revolutionising the teaching of science, using groundbreaking new technology. As a teacher, embracing a new teaching resource – especially one as revolutionary in content as IntoScience – can sometimes be a little intimidating.

In the first of a series of videos, one of our IntoScientists Dave Canavan (himself an ex-science teacher) takes a look at IntoScience and how simple it is to not only teach a concept to a class but hold a rich, engaging and interactive lesson. Working with IntoScience’s Phases of the Moon* activity, Dave explains what’s on offer and shows how these interactive elements can be best utilised in a classroom environment.

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*Phases of the Moon can be found in the IntoScience topic “Earth, Moon and Sun”.