IntoScience SMART Table

Imagine the future of science teaching and learning resources combined with the most cutting edge interactive hardware… and you have IntoScience on show using the brand new SMART Table!

Educators attending the 2013 MANSW (Mathematics Association of New South Wales) were treated to a sneak peak into the classroom of tomorrow. Dave Canavan (pictured above) demonstrated the online science resource IntoScience using the new SMART Table from Electroboard, showing just how engaging digital learning resources can be when combined with the hands on approach provided by touch screen of this amazing table. And the best part? They are available now!

IntoScience features virtual experiments and open world environments, all backed up by curriculum aligned activities. Students can access this content via their PC’s or on tablet devices and teachers can conduct group activities with their own tablet or at the front of the class with their SMART board… or SMART Tables!

If you are interested in learning more about these great teaching tools, visit and Electroboard for education.