Have you tried the Mathletics eBook interactives?!

They are embedded interactives.

“Embedded” because they are not an isolated widget, they are embedded precisely into the content a student is learning – to maximise the ability for a student to understand a concept, as quickly as possible.


“Interactive” because students and teachers can literally manipulate and interact with the content. For example, you can adjust parabolic equations to see how the graph reacts;

Simultaneous Equations

The embedded interactives in Mathletics allow curriculum content to be brought to life through constructivist learning objectives. Students can ‘move’ the graphs to see how the equations are affected, and are also provided with step-by-step guidance on how to solve for more complex equations such as simultaneous equations. Hundreds of powerful interactives have been embedded into the Mathletics eBooks, enhancing the effectiveness of the learning resource.

The library of Mathletics eBooks which includes the embedded interactives is a huge additional teaching and learning resource to the online curriculum area. Available in both the teacher console as well a the student console (for students at Secondary/High School level), the eBooks and interactives are ideal for both supplementary and core teaching. Fully aligned to the online content of Mathletics, the eBooks can be viewed online or printed/copied. Access to all eBooks is included in all school subscriptions. The embedded format of the interactives require no reprocessing of the information, since they are all in context.

The eBooks are a huge additional resource to the online content of Mathletics, for students across all year and grade levels – and the integrated interactive components bring the digital page to life.

Try it today!