Independent Schools IntoScience Expo









Congratulations to  the Australian Independent Schools currently participating in the Expo.

Throughout the next two weeks, your students will be experimenting with the changing states of matter, learning techniques for separating mixtures, challenging students around Australia in ‘The 3rd Degree’, recalling various scientific knowledge and skills plus much more!

The goal at the end of the Expo is for students to have completed at least:

  • 10 Inquiry Points
  • 10 correctly answered questions in the mid/end challenges
  • 10 points in ‘The 3rd Degree’ live game

Below are simple PDF guides which demonstrate each of these goals.

Inquiry Points
Mid and End Challenge
The 3rd Degree

There are various training and support options to help you throughout the Expo – from PDF guides, videos and of course our award-winning customer service team. Click here to view these range of options.

Click here to register your school to participate in the Expo today.

Good luck!