The holidays are right around the corner and children are buzzing with anticipation for such a wonderful time of year. Mathematics impacts us every day and the holidays are a wonderful way to incorporate math in a fun and unique way into a child’s life. Here are some ideas!


In the classroom: 

Holidays are such an exciting time of year because people all across the globe are getting together and celebrating! Why not bring that excitement and joy into the classroom with this fun numerical game, Around the World.

Here are the rules:

  • Students sit in a circle. The teacher then selects a student to start the game.
  • This student stands behind another student. The first challenge will occur between these two students.
  • Teacher holds up a flash card (multiplication, addition, subtraction, etc.)
  • The first student that says the correct answer continues to move around the “world”. Note: If the sitting student answers correctly, they switch places with the standing student.
  • Play until one student makes their way around the “world”.

At home: 

  • When your kids create a Christmas wish list have them calculate the costs of the gifts. Consider giving them a budget, so they can mathematically decide which gifts they REALLY want. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn money management skills in a fun way!
  • Use geometry! While wrapping gifts discuss with your child measuring techniques and best angles to fold the paper. Take it a step further and have your child measure the diameter and radius of different decorations such as wreaths and ornament balls. While you’re at it measure the container length, width and height of the yummy eggnog to calculate area, perimeter and volume!
  • Decorating a tree has many math opportunities. Count ornaments, discuss shapes and patterns, calculate the average length of the tree branches, measure the lights length and guess how many times it will wrap around the tree based on height and width!


  • It’s always a good idea to use math when cooking. Check out our ‘Cooking With Math’ blog HERE for tips. In the meantime don’t forget to use fractions, division and other math skills when baking those sugar cookies!

Do you have other ideas for how to incorporate math into the holidays? Comment in the section below! We would love to hear from you!