I see the inquiry process model as a fundamental tool for designing thinking to promote curiosity.  Loretta Hackner-Rowland, St Peter’s PS in Inglewood

On ThursTom Barrett in Perthday last week Tom Barrett from Notosh presented his Designing Learning for Authentic Inquiry workshop as part of our 2015 Love Learning Roadshow.  The workshop is designed to be an highly engaging exploration into the practical ways to develop inquiry in all aspects of school life, from classroom to school-wide initiatives.   One workshop participant observed that “recognising these skills can be used at all levels in the school and in business, allowed me to consider their applications as a teacher and administrator.”

Attendees had the opportunity to develop ideas with their fellow teachers both at the Primary/Secondary level and also more broadly as educators in general.  The sharing of ideas, as well as constructive feedback to further expand ideas happened all day, and being so engaged with the ideas being developed, teachers even continued their discussions during the lunch break!    One delegate appreciated that “Tom questioned ideas we presented that allowed us to accurately refine the inquiryWorkshopping with Tom Barrett Perth approach we were considering.”

Several delegates were appreciative of the practical skills the session developed, with one teacher observing that “previously I have participated in professional development revolving around utilising an inquiry approach, but I often walked away not being entirely sure how I would implement it.  It was great having Tom’s scaffold to work with, and I found while using the scaffold, ideas from other inquiry training became clearer.  The development procedure is key to implementing inquiry.”

The process of how do I complete an inquiry, using great tools. This is really achievable and not as complex as I imagined. The day was fantastic. Jen Langley St Stephens’ School, Carramar

The notion of divergence and convergence of ideas, and creating conditions that make the most of each was brilliant. That attention to detail within the entire process made it really clear to be able to use immediately.  Joel Birch, Winthrop Australia

Rebecca from Beaconsfield PS has already put her ideas into action on returning to school contacting us later to say she loved the PD and has “already put things into practice with my class, including the 100 ideas in 10 minutes” even inviting her colleagues in Admin to participate.

Immersion needs to take the longest amount of time in the inquiry process. Organise real world activities and bring in experts from the community to make it authentic. Feedback needs to be continual and repetitive to promote involvement. Emma Cummuskey, Winthrop Australia

WA Educators, we thank you for your  generosity sharing your enthusiastic feedback from this workshop!

Read Tom’s blog Curious Creative or connect with him on Twitter.  Find out how you can attend a Love Learning Workshop with Tom Barrett by clicking here.