Hello. My name is Imaan. I am in Year Five and I am nine years old.Imaan-C I go to Kingsbury Green Primary School, in London, United Kingdom and my favourite foods are pizza, tomato and mozzarella pasta, Chinese and Turkish food. My favourite instruments are the guitar, keyboard and the violin.

In Year 3 I believed that I couldn’t do maths. I was really petrified that I would fail in my tests and learning. But now I am very confident because my teachers set a lot of examples and let me talk to my learning partner. I now like to face new challenges and push myself  to overcome them. As a result, my favourite subjects are now Mathematics, English, ICT and most of all Science!

I think it is a great honour to represent Kingsbury Green Primary School at the World Education Games. I look forward to successfully fulfilling my role as a student ambassador.

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