A child’s mind is always absorbing information, so creating fun and educational activities for your children is a great way to ensure they’re remaining proactive learners whilst enjoying the relaxing comforts holidays have to offer.

1. Community

Untitled-5 dcaConnect with your local council or library to find out about holiday activities which are taking place during your children’s holiday break. Some councils and libraries hold holiday activities such as book readings, plays, musicals and educational exhibits. These activities are usually done in an engaging community-based setup to help parents provide constructive learning opportunities for their children. Your local council will also conveniently display their holiday activity schedule on their website to make it easy for you to see what is coming up and how it fits into your plans.

2. Get Creative

Not all learning is done through explanation and understanding. Sometimes the best way a student can learn is by getting hands on. Try building a creative station in your household. It’s not hard; all you need is a spacious workstation (a desk or open floor space will do) and store a bunch of tools and equipment for your children to play around with (these tools and equipment can vary based on age, safety and convenience). Create a woodwork space, building block station, sewing space, tech space, craft space and so on. The resources and engagement your children have and use in the space is only restricted by their imagination. Let your children get lost in discovery, learning and building creations that inspire their budding passions with a home-based creative station. See what schools are doing with Maker spaces.

3. Get them in touch with their wild side

There is an abundance of valuable insights and information that can be found at your local aquarium or zoo. This is a fun way of bringing out your children’s inquisitive nature through observing Mother Nature itself.

Did you know?

Untitled-9 bw

A blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as an adult elephant.

Untitled-9 s

A scorpion can live an entire year off eating a single insect.

Untitled-9 p

Male platypuses are poisonous.

Seeing the many interesting animals and the means in which they adapt and survive is a great mental exercise in learning to observe and investigate the world around them.

With holiday activities like these, your children will have a fun holiday filled with new and exciting experiences that they can take back to school and use to build upon their knowledge and abilities. Use these tips to give your children activities and adventures that challenge the mind and get children excited about learning.

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