The kids are on holiday! It’s the beginning of beach days and sleepless nights. Everything learnt in school has been reassigned to the dark corners of the brain and their time in school has already begun to fade into a distant memory in the few seconds they’ve walked out of those gates. It’s a time of relaxation and fun, but don’t let them get caught up for too long. While their relaxation and fun is well deserved, precautions should be made to prevent your kids from feeling the back to school shock.

Cleaned out

How many times have your kids opened their school bag to get ready for the coming year and found that their old textbooks and lunch box have been sitting in their bag all holiday? The break period is a time to forget it all, but that doesn’t mean forget general hygiene and cleanliness. Once the school year finishes, seek to make sure kids have properly gone through their bags and cleaned it out of all things that aren’t needed. This is a good time to wash uniforms and sort out second hand supplies from the wreckage they unload from a year of schooling, all while cleansing kids for a fresh school year and removing excess baggage.

Ticked off

The end of holiday supply rush can become a packed house of kids fighting for that last copy of that Year 7 geography textbook for the year ahead. Go into the holiday knowing the textbooks and supplies your kid’s needs, there are tonnes of other parents that will be rushing to get the same things for their children. The best course of action is to beat the rush. Ensure your kids or school provides you with the list of supplies needed for the coming year as soon as they finish the year and schedule an early point in the break to tick off the list of things required. You should be able to shop stress free, reducing the risk of sold out or wrongly purchased textbooks and supplies. Now all you have to do is store the coming year’s supplies somewhere you’ll remember and simply retrieve the supplies when the school year returns.

Brushed up

The holidays are a time where study is put on hold, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t engage in learning activities in their time off. In the break time find ways of engaging your child’s inquisitive side with activities that provide knowledge and insights. For instance education programs Spellodrome and Mathletics can educate to a curriculum, but they also provide a wide range of activities that challenge your student to either beat their grades or compete against others in fun quizzes and challenges. In the spaces your child is relaxing at home; activities like these can become an entertaining resource to ensure your kids remain active learners.

The little steps you take in your holiday to get ready have a big impact on the overall ease of readjustment into schooling life.