A recent independent study conducted by Dr Tony Stokes of the Australian Catholic University analysed NAPLAN data from over 8000 schools. Dr Stokes found schools that use Mathletics show a significant improvement in NAPLAN results compared to schools that did not use it.

The key takeaway from the study is greatest improvement of mathematics results comes through consistent use. The more Mathletics is used, the greater the improvements in results will be.

In light of this information, we have developed a set of 15 hints for Mathletics success:

1. Analysis of our improvement results show the benefit of 3 attempts on non-mastered activities.

2. We recommend every student gain a participation certificate every week.

3. Certificates generally take about 45 minutes – 1 hour of usage. We recommend a little and often.

4. Hold class by class certificate competitions over the term.

5. Establish a class Hall of Fame for encouragement and reward.

A Mathletics Hall of Fame created by students at a school in Venezuela.

6. Recognise great performance and participation at school/house assemblies.

7. Arrange an Interhouse Mathletics championship.

8. Arrange Maths fun day activities for year levels of the school.

9. Customise Courses through Course Creator to integrate Mathletics into teaching programs. Click here to view a guide with more details on the Courses function.

10. Use the student data generated in Mathletics to guide instruction. Mathletics can identify class/individual strengths and areas for development.

11. Encourage peer learning through Mathletics. Peer age/cross age activities are great for developing leadership and learning support for all students.

12. Encourage students to be more independent with their learning. i.e using the Support Console to work on areas of weakness.

13. Use the Support Console as a teaching aid to help explicit teaching.

14. Individual reports can be included in Student portfolios as a record of achievement.

15. Mathletics can be linked with Habits of Mind, Multiple Intelligences and other learning.