Welcome to 3P Learning’s online community portal, a central hub bringing together our learning programs, events and resources for our entire global learning community. Come on in and look around, visitors very welcome! 

At 3P Learning, our mission is to create a place where students, families and teachers can love learning. This passion translates to more engaged educators, motivated learners and an overall improvement in student knowledge and achievement.

3P Learning is the global leader in online learning for school-aged students, with our programs covering mathematics (Mathletics), spelling and literacy (Spellodrome), reading skills (Reading Eggs) and Science (IntoScience).  All of our e-learning programs are designed by educators and educational technologists and are fully aligned with over a dozen international curricula – just one reason why they are trusted by over 3.5 million students and 10,000 schools across the world.

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The diversity of activities, tasks and challenges in each program instil a sense of achievement and pride in even the hardiest of students, allowing them to track their own individual progress and improvement.  Learning becomes fun – with independent learning encouraged and celebrated. Coupled with our drive to reduce teacher workload, our resources are a powerful tool both in and out of the classroom.

In the spirit of “Love Learning”, 3P Learning hosts a variety of online educational events throughout the year, with the flagship event being the annual World Education Games.  This annual global celebration of learning covers 96hrs and encompasses World Literacy Day, World Maths Day and World Science Day. Over 5 million students have participated in the World Education Games to date.  Our charity partner, UNICEF, allows us to engage students on a values education level too, for a holistic educational experience during the event.

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