St. John Fisher School, Chicago IL

Students have walked for their schools.  Students have jumped rope for their schools.  This year, St. John Fisher students will COMPUTE for their school.

The spring fundraiser is designed to support the excellence of Catholic education in their community.  They are inviting sponsors to support their future engineers, accountants, financial analysts, artists and architects as they demonstrate their mastery of math operations, problem solving, and critical thinking skills in a school-wide competition called “Having SUM Fun for Fisher’s Future.”

Each student in K – 8 invites their relatives and friends to sponsor his or her participation in the school-wide math competition.  As the children compete in the “Mathletics” program, they are awarded points for their progress. Time dedicated to the Mathletics program results in a quick accumulation of points and a greater proficiency in math!  The students are encouraged to get as many sponsors as possible for their points earned over a one-week period at varying levels.  The students can also gain sponsorship for a classroom or an entire grade level.

Math Competition Format

April 23rd – April 29th – Round 1 begins.  The students can log on to the “Mathletics” program at any time and work towards earning individual points.  Points earned this week will determine individual finalists in our final competitions. Students will also be given at least one opportunity to earn points at school.

April 30th – May 6th – Round 2 begins.  At this point, the students will be working towards earning points for the homeroom competition.  All points from round 1 will accrue into round 2.  The homeroom at each grade level that has earned the most cumulative points after two weeks will be awarded!

May 10th – Live competitions will take place for students in 1st thru 8th grades. The student from each homeroom who earns the most points will advance to live competitions.  The winner of the live competition at each grade level will win an iPad!  The kindergarten winner will be based on the most points scored from April 23rd to April 29th.

Sponsorship Competition

In addition to the math competition, there will also be a competition held for the most sponsorships.  The homeroom that raises the most money (including both individual sponsorships, homeroom sponsorships and fair share of grade level sponsorships) will win an out-of-uniform day and pizza party.  The individual student who raises the most money will win an iPad!