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As leaders in your school, the question of how to best use technology to aid learning is probably common place.  It goes without saying that our students are technologically savvy, demand engagement and require personalisation of their learning.

Whether it is Mathletics, You Tube or other online resources for learning, each of their success is reliant on the:

  • culture and vision of the school (the leadership)
  • pedagogy behind the resource
  • teaching expertise and confidence
  • flexibility to cater for all learning and teaching styles

The schools most successful in integrating Mathletics are not necessarily those that use all of the resources within the program.  They are the schools that have a clear vision of how and why Mathletics will improve learning in their context.  They identify what aspects of Mathletics are appropriate, they allow discussion around how Mathletics will be used and emphasise the critical role of the teacher when using technology.  They allocate leaders to coach and mentor colleagues to support their learning goals. This all leads to great student, teacher and school engagement in the learning process.

What we are saying is that our successful schools are focussing on the questions around the why and the how, not just the what.

You might like to check out Mindshift’s article “Four Essential Principles of Blended Learning” as it goes into greater detail of how you can get the Blended learning model and integration of Mathletics heading in the right direction for your school.