As experienced teachers we understand what makes a child a great learner. Surely it’s having an intellectual curiosity, an active approach to learning and a network style of thinking, for a start. So then, would you consider yourself a great learner?

In the recent clip Great Teachers Are Great Learners created by The Innovation Unit at AITSL (Australian Institution for Teaching and School Leadership) viewers are asked What makes a great teacher or school leader?  Overwhelmingly, being a great learner is the key.


It is with learning in mind that we have introduced the Mathletics Lead Educator Program – the Certification Pathway.  The program embodies our passion for innovation, engaged educators and motivated learners.  Our aim is to harness the innovation and creativity of our teaching community by supporting, recognising and sharing the great things that are happening in classrooms and schools every day.  We are proud that supporting and promoting teachers and school leaders in their professional learning contributes towards AITSL’s goal to nurture a nation-wide, high achieving and vibrant professional learning culture.  So what makes you a great learner?

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Courtesy of Teacher Talk Embracing 21c Challenges. “Great teachers are great learners” by Audrey Nay