SEAMC-graphicBy the time you read this the SEAMC Event will have concluded for another year and another group of students will have had the benefit of experiencing a great weekend of Challenge, Fun and networking that will go some way to shaping their future. 3P Learning were once again proud to be a part of this fantastic event . It was truly inspiring to be around such dedicated teachers and able students who gave of their very best in a great spirit of sharing and competition.

For the last 3 years SEAMC has begun with a Live Online Mathletics Challenge held between these students and what a great start it has been!

The students have taken to this competition in the way that all of us had hoped. They find it a fun way to connect with other students ahead of SEAMC and engage in some rounds that get them thinking about Mathematics and Challenge ahead of boarding the plane.

Whilst the challenge of trying to be excused from family obligations around the Lunar New Year celebrations was a big one for many teams this year, there was still amazing engagement and strong team spirit shown in the Pre-Round this year.

It was very exciting to be called up onto the stage to present the trophies and subscriptions to the wining teams for the Online Pre-round. It was clear to see that these students were very proud and very excited to be receiving their awards.

The Top Teams were as follows:

Team Bacon Dragon (Singapore Piaget Academy) – 1,075,161 Points

Team Sabang (Bunda Mulia International) – 816,808 Points

Team Rock (Brent International School) – 429,800 Points

The complete list of Teams and their scores can be downloaded here.