If you have been using Mathletics for a while, it is likely you have been approached by a student and/or parent about a course being fully completed.  It is likely you have then asked yourself “Did they have help?”, “Should I move them on?” or Gold Bars Mathletics“What should they do for the rest of the year?”  Here are some thoughts and suggestions about this sometimes vexing, problem.

Are the student’s Mathletics achievements in line with paper tests?

YES:  If a student’s results are on par regardless of assessment media, the course is likely too easy.  Perhaps move the student into a group with a more challenging course.

NO:  This is the more common answer.  Make your inquiries and use the information gained to discuss the situation with the student and/or parent.

Has the student done the work themselves?

In Results in your Teacher Console, identify the activities you would like to check, including perhaps the test/s, and reassign those activities as tasks at a time you can monitor the student.  Remember:  New questions are generated every time the students do an activity.   If results end up the same, then the student likely did it.  If not, then you have something to talk to the parents about.

Will the student retain this work long term?

In most cases students have done activities when content is fresh in their mind.  The best option is usually for students to repeat activities several times to assist with long term retention.  Use Reports to identify the number of attempts, and when they were made, for each activity.  Assign activities that haven’t been done for a while, or have not been attempted often.

Click on the gold bar next to an activity name to get the graph.  Click on Assign at the bottom of the graph to set it. 

Often the best response to Students and/or Parents  “Your marks in the paper tests are not matching your Mathletics achievement.  It is in your best interest to consolidate your learning until results are identical in any media.  I will assign tasks related to questions you got wrong in your paper test(s) and review the situation in Mathletics with you after your next test.”  Assign tasks from Results or Reports and select content from the eBooks aimed at areas of weakness.