We are always interested to hear parents’ feedback and opinions around gaming and their childrens’ computer use.  Whilst our e-learning products contain gaming elements in a purely educational environment, we are aware that many of your children will be also be active gamers – about which you will all have conflicting views, we are sure!

We enjoyed reading this article and wanted to share its findings (courtesy of Jason (Frugal Dad) “Gaming is good for you” – www.frugaldad.com)

My kids can’t seem to get enough of their video games. I can take away the Xbox 360’s power cord or tell the kids to go outside and play, but at the end of the day, they simply want to keep on playing. Fortunately, more and more research is coming out that distinguishes healthy, responsible gaming from the excessive, zoned out variety.

Our latest infographic goes over some really great things video games are responsible for. It’s pretty surprising to find that genre to genre, games can do some remarkable things for your brain and body. While I’m not thrilled to find my kids three hours in to a Halo session, I’m certainly relieved to learn that some real good can come out of their gaming.