Mathematics at Home: Games Keep Kids Sharp!

If mathematics would be fun, then everyone would love doing it, right? Not exactly. Sometimes, all it takes is a change in attitude and just a little bit of skill development to make math fun. Math can always be fun if it’s well-presented. If you think learning is a chore, then your children will as well. However, if you can encourage math games that are fun and challenging, your children may enjoy the engaging interaction with you — whether at home or around town.

Math for Every Room

Just look around your home to find staging for math games. The kitchen usually has measuring cups, measuring spoons, and all kinds of things to be counted and measured. You can weigh flour or apples, discussing the difference between a half and a quarter (or 1/4). In the bathroom, tubs of water can help compare which cup of water weighs more or how much soap is left. Be creative at home — everyday activities can become simple and interesting math problems.

Making It Count

For younger kids, counting takes practice. Think about all the ways you can count together. From the bricks on the wall to the number of seeds on top of a hamburger bun, you and your child can count all kinds of things at home. Simple subtraction and addition can come from playing with peas or blocks. Always keep them counting until it’s second nature.

Think Math on Errands

Children can be a joy to have as company for errands but, other times, they are bored, tired, or hungry (and it shows!). Consider those days an opportunity to play math games when out and about. Offer a their choice of snack at the store as a treat if they can complete some math problems that are on their level. If they’re bored, you can send them on a scavenger hunt with the answers requiring math, like how many different types of fruits are there, or what are the dimensions of a can of corn, using their little finger as a ruler. If they’re tired, have them count sheep on the backs of their eyelids:).

Math Skills to Chew On

To keep little ones from squirming in their seats too much, remember that restaurants are another answer to how to make math fun. Have them secretly time how long it takes to have the food be delivered, and see if they can figure out the measurements of their place mat. Just remember: no math on a full mouth.

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