Summer is right around the corner and we can’t wait for some splish-splash fun! However it’s important to remember all that hard-earned knowledge gained this school year. Read below for some fun ideas to incorporate math this break and help beat the math summer slide!

Sports and Math: whether you are playing sports or watching them, there are many ways to incorporate math into sports. Check out our blog for more details.

Cooking together: as you’re baking your favourite summer dessert, consider doubling or halving the recipe. This is great for remembering those tricky fraction skills!

Hop scotch: draw hopscotch on a sidewalk. There are many ways to incorporate math with hopscotch. To start, your child can add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers in each row.

Swimming: have your child guess how many strokes they have to swim to get to the other side. What did the actual number end up being? What’s the difference? How many strokes can they tread in one minute? If your child is older, have them try to calculate the volume of the pool they are swimming in and how many litres of water it needs!

Camping: a tent is made up of many shapes and assembling one requires many components. Use counting and discuss geometrical shapes as you put your tent together.

Hiking: math can be involved with the kilometers of a trail and its elevation. If we’ve gone this far, how many kilometers do we have left? What angle of elevation do you think we are walking at?

Shopping: a rainy day is great for shopping. Use this as an opportunity for your child to budget what they can buy based on an allowance.

Bonfire: what’s a bonfire without S’mores? This is a great time to ask questions like: If there are 30 graham crackers, 1 bag of marshmallows and 3 bars of chocolate, how many S’mores can each family member have?

Star gazing: create geometric shapes together.

Mathletics Summer Challenge: last and definitely not least, if your child’s school has registered for the challenge, be sure to encourage them to participate in the Mathletics Summer Challenge.

Have a wonderful summer!