Frine Field_Trinity College Gladstone

Friné Field Lead Educator, Trinity College, Gladstone QLD

Friné Field is a recent graduate of Mathletics Certification and the Lead Educator Program, culminating in her achievement of Lead Educator level. She resides in Gladstone in Queensland and Friné enjoys teaching her class, currently Year 2 students, at Trinity College.

My role as educator is to build into children’s lives, not only academically but socially and emotionally. To motivate their learning by providing excellent education, and equipping them to believe in themselves so that they can thrive.

After six years in the beauty industry, Friné  kicked off her teaching career in 2007, when she felt a powerful calling to teaching:

I am passionate about working with children. Building into their lives and equipping them with knowledge. Teaching them within the curriculum, but most importantly showing them their own worth and ability. I love the WOW moment when a learner reaches his own individual goal.

For Friné it’s about making a difference in each child’s learning experience.  “Teaching not only subjects, but teaching children, so that they can go into the world as able, God loving, caring and self-motivated individuals that will thrive in their lives.”

Education is in the midst of a technological highway. Technology is already a big part of teaching, allowing learners to discover and learn.  She use Mathletics as an integral part of her mathematics teaching, arguing that it provides an excellent platform to review and reinforce learning.

I started a program with my class regarding financial literacy. This teaches real life experience with money and finances. It could be a wonderful next step within Mathletics.

Friné is excited to see how Mathletics will evolve in the future, and to be part of that evolution.