We received this fantastic blog entry and photos from Salcombe Prep this morning:

“We at Salcombe Prep feel honoured and privileged to be able to host one of the most amazing Maths challenges of the year!

Pupils at Salcombe Prep have been battling it out since 9am on Monday, giving their 110%! The determination, perseverance and enthusiasm of the pupils while doing Maths is incredible! What an amazing achievement. Vihanghi in 3H is in 6th place in the top 100 students with 24, 965 points!

There is such an amazing Buzz in the school, everyone is checking the leader board to see our school’s position! There is a real Maths Battle to keep our school in 11th place in the top 50 schools! We really want to be first!”

The pupils are all very excited about the Four Nations Mathletics Challenge 2010, the most amazing way to make Maths fun and exciting! Please find some of their comments below:

“I think it is really fun and challenging, doing Maths in a really really fun way! I really like taking part in the Four Nations Challenge” by Divya 5T

“I think it is really challenging and really exiting when you get a question right and also when you check the leader board to see what position you are onby Archie 5T

“I find it very interesting that you get to go against each other in different nations! It helps you to improve your maths in a fun and exciting way!” by Faye 5M

“The Challenge that we are doing is fun because there are more pupils playing on it! We can learn from our mistakes, everyone wants to try and try again to get everything perfect! So we improve and train to be better in Mathsby Nathaniel 5M

“I think the Four Nations Challenge is interesting and it makes you get better at Maths. If you are not very good at something, you can practice and get better!by Preeti 5T

“I like the Four Nations Challenge. When I get some questions wrong I go back and do it again until I get them all right! I LOVE MATHS! ”  by Zamira 5M

“I love Four Nations because its really fun and it’s a great opportunity that we can play against other nations! When I get things wrong I can try again and get them right so I get better and better every time! ” by Yasmin 5M

Simona Tudoran, Maths Coordinator, Salcombe Prep