The Four Nations Maths Challenge was launched at Hunnyhill School on Monday at 9am. Our South East Mathletics Regional Manager, Muhammad Daniel, was on hand to launch the event with them. The school hall opened early at 8.30am to let children practise while the adults admired their numeracy skills and sipped hot beverages! Each class sent four representatives to the launch event and as the minutes ticked down to 9am, the children practised on the Live Mathletics and curriculum activities.

At 9am, the challenge begun and the children leapt into action answering as many questions as they could. Some children preferred the competition of Live Mathletics, taking on other children from around the United Kingdom. While others, especially the Reception children, preferred the curriculum activities. As the minutes ticked by Hunnyhill Primary School sprung to second in the UK leader table with the Reception Class representatives doing exceptionally well, Harry making it into the top 10, closely followed by Leo.  Well done!

Hunnyhill School were grateful to Mathletics for organising this fun event and to all the children and parents that took part and supported them during the launch.  They also said a special thank you to Muhammad Daniel for braving the terrible weather to be with them on the Isle of Wight!

Remember the competition finishes at 3pm on Friday 12th November, so keep competing!