Children at St Peters RC Primary in Scotland have been really enjoying the Four Nations Maths Challenge 2010!

Here is a message and some photos from their teacher, Jo Martin:

The children love the challenge and are online at home, enjoying the whole range of activities. They are thrilled to see their class doing so well and we are all very pleased by their level of engagement.”

Here are some quotes from the children:

–   So fun and stimulating and I like playing it because it is about Maths.

–   Brilliant, addictive, amazing fun activity

–   Makes Maths fun

–  Challenging especially playing against people.

–  Fun learning experience

–  fun way to learn Maths

–  makes us feel proud getting into the top

–  Mathematics is a great way for young people to compete with other children.  The Four Nations is an excellent educational resource for Maths.  I wish I could go on it more often.

–  I just can’t stop playing it.  It is fantastic really good for my mental maths.

– It is incredibly addictive and it feels so competitive which I like.  It is great fun.

– Fun and addictive and a great way to learn Maths.

Keep up the great work St Peters, the school is currently lying in 4th Place in the Schools Category and P6 have taken 8th Place in the Classes!