This is definitely the season of Online Mathematics Challenges for the 3P Learning Asia team! We have hardly recovered from the excitement of the SEAMC 2015 and are yet to present the trophies and subscription awards for this event but we are already turning our attention to the FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge where we will be traveling to Shanghai to present the winners with more trophies and subscriptions!

The FOBISIA Event is a much bigger one in terms of participation as it is being run to support the Shanghai event by allowing those students not travelling for the FOBISIA Primary Mathematics Competition to take part in an online event and share all of the fun of competing against over 15,000 students in FOBISIA Schools across Asia. The FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge will be in two sections held on 2 days, Thursday March 5th and Friday, March 6th. Students and Teachers have had access to the competition platform since the beginning of February and are familiar with it but it will change next Monday when it will only allow access to the 2014 UK National curriculum activities and not the Live Challenge as we want to ensure that we capture the live data on one day only for the event.

mathletics-activitiesThe Thursday round will challenge students to complete as many curriculum based Mathematics Activities as they can between 7am and 9pm that day. They will be awarded 10 points for each correct curriculum activity with double points awarded for the pre-requisite “Are You Ready?” and the “Test” activities. Neither of these activities have help screens and there is a limit to how many times you can do an activity over again and score points for it. We know that students will treat this as a learning experience and complete as many activities as they can for the topics that their teachers have taught them this year!

The winner of this day will simply be the school with the highest curriculum point average for the day. We will divide the school’s total points for the Key Stage by the number of students registered for the Key Stage. Teachers – make sure all students participate at school, home or both!

2015-02-26_11h05_53The Friday round is a little more complicated as we are scoring different Levels of the Live Mathletics Challenge for each Key Stage. Teachers need to note the Levels that the students need to engage onto score points for Friday’s round. Key Stage 1 is being scored on Levels 2&3, Key Stage 2 is being scored on Levels 4&5 and Key Stage 3 is being scored on Levels 6&7. Before anyone points out that students will simply choose to engage on the lower of the two levels, we are adding a 30% bonus to scores at the higher level for each Key Stage Challenge. Students can choose to challenge the World, their “School” or their “class”. As we have set the competition platform up with FOBISIA Schools as classes in the one Key Stage “School”, Teachers should encourage the students to challenge the School to connect with rival challengers from FOBISIA Schools across Asia.

Note again that the Live Levels will be locked until Friday morning so practise time for this part of the competition is over for now. Remember that there are great prizes of Year Level Mathletics Subscriptions for winning schools and some great trophies to be presented in Shanghai (possibly in absentia.)

That’s all you need to know! We look forward to seeing the FOBISIA Schools dominating the Hall of Fame on the Mathletics website this Thursday and Friday.