The Challenge is a 2-day event taking place on March 5 and March 6 2015. Presentation of awards will take place at the FOBISIA Primary Maths Competition in Shanghai on March 6 and 7. The schools do not need to be attending the Shanghai event to win as trophies and awards (subscriptions) will be presented in absentia.

The site is open for practice from Monday February 2 through to the event, with the exception that the Live part of the site will be restricted from the evening of Sunday March 1, to allow for a winner to be determined due to activity on the site on Friday March 6 only.

Scoring for the event is going to be determined from a curriculum activity day on March 5 and a Live Challenge on March 6. As the traditional Mathletics site rather than a competition site is to be used for the event, a real – time leaderboard will be not able to be displayed. The results will be published onto this blog after the event, but students will be able to see leading schools in the Mathletics “Hall of Fame”, especially if they select “Asia Top 100 Students”.


Scoring for the Curriculum activity day on March 5 will be decided once data from the practice period is analyzed. Mathletics produces some very detailed reports on student usage of Curriculum activities as per below:


It has already been pointed out that some schools will have a lot more students participating than others, so looking for the highest score for the school or averaging the score of the top 3 students in each school may not be the fairest measure. For this reason, we will look at the data and let you know by a later blog post how we will calculate the winners of the curriculum day. We are sure all teachers will want to encourage their students to work hard on this UK National Curriculum 2014 content. Perhaps we will work out a “benchmark score” for your school to progress to the Live challenge the next day.

The Live Data will be much more definitive as we can tell the top school for each Key Stage in terms of Total Points and highest score for the level we will set the Key Stage on. With just over a month left until the competition begins, participating students can start practicing from today. We look forward to seeing all of the Mathletes compete!