Whilst a lot of work went on behind the scenes at the 3P Learning Offices to ensure that the FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge ran smoothly and was scored fairly, we know that it was nothing compared to the many questions answered by thousands of busy students all keen to challenge each other online and win Subscriptions to the award-winning Mathletics platform.

3P Learning employees Paul McMahon and Laura Nicholson were also busy connecting with teachers and students in Shanghai. Around 60 Teachers and 130 students came together to Challenge each other in the FOBISIA Primary Maths Competition. It was there that the awards for the Mathletics Challenge Event were presented. The bright lights and iconic buildings of downtown Shanghai were a great backdrop for these bright mathematicians of the future and 3P Learning was glad to be there to support them with sponsorship.

IMG_1877Day 2 of the online challenge required students to go online and challenge each other on 2 Live Levels. For each Key Stage the 2 Levels were chosen so that one was “accessible” with questions students could easily answer quickly in their heads. The second of the levels was chosen to provide a level of challenge which required students to think a bit prior to submitting an answer. A 30% bonus was given to students selecting the higher level.

It was clear from the results that there was a level of “attrition” when it came to the harder questions. It was also very telling that the winning schools in all cases were those who had a good range of higher level questions. It is nice when you can clearly see effort rewarded in a result.

We know that many teachers will be keen to see how their students went against other schools so we have put the full calculations in the results pages for this round. Remember that the way that we have calculated the final score for the Live Challenge day is detailed to make it fair to all schools. You can find the calculation towards the bottom of <<this post>>

Key Stage 1 Live Results

Key Stage 2 Live Results

Key Stage 3 Live Results

This brings us to the combining of the scores and the presentations to the overall winner for each Key Stage. Again, as advertised, we ranked the schools on the basis of each Challenge day and awarded more points to the higher ranked schools. The overall winner was thus the school who finished with the highest “ranking points” over the 2 days.

Key Stage 1 Final Challenge Results

Key Stage 2 Final Challenge Results

Key Stage 3 Final Challenge Results