Classrooms aren’t what they used to be. Smart boards have replaced chalk boards, students would rather send a sneaky IM on their iPad than pass notes, and references to Wikipedia have replaced book titles in bibliographies. Classroom practices have also diversified in the new educational landscape. IntoScience recognises the need for modern educational resources to be flexible enough to suit diverse teaching models.

Self-regulated learning programs aim to teach students how to manage their time and progress through a syllabus. It is often the first step to full self-direction in learning, where the student also provides the thematic question or impetus for the content they are required to learn. IntoScience’s activities provide immediate validation of correct answers, allowing students to set their own pace through a concept and return to more difficult outcomes. Teachers can set an activity or a topic for students to progress through, with progress recorded in the teacher’s reporting feature.

Of course, not all students are at the same point in their ability regulate their own learning. Some benefit from direct instruction. The blended learning model of classroom instruction mixes processes and resources within the one class, allowing teachers to deliver the best practices to individual students. In such cases, IntoScience can work brilliantly on the smart board in front of groups of students, encouraging sharing of ideas and solutions.

Some teachers recognise the classroom is best suited for collaboration and discussion, and not for silently digesting content. By applying a ‘flipped’ classroom model, these teachers require students to be introduced to new material outside of the lesson. For example, by completing an activity in IntoScience, the student can begin to explore a new idea, recording their thoughts as answers. Bringing their understanding into the classroom frees up time for the teacher to correct and explain based on their student’s saved responses.

The classroom will continue to evolve in response to new social pressures and innovative technologies. Educational resources can’t dictate which models teachers should use. IntoScience will adapt to any style of classroom, freeing up teachers to do what they do best.