Fiona Butler_Covenant Christian School1

New Mathletics Lead Educator Fiona Butler’s teaches at Covenant Christian School in Sydney and currently takes Years  7-12 Mathematics, 7-10 Science and Senior Biology.  With a background in Education Support Fiona’s passion is in moving beyond ‘awareness’ of students with varying needs, to ensuring thoroughly differentiating classroom tasks as much as possible.

My role as an educator is to enable students to understand and apply the concepts and skills from class in both theoretical and practical settings. This involves students being active in questioning, discussing and critiquing both the content and how to apply it most effectively. In doing so, students will (hopefully!) develop an aptitude for creative and critical thinking and lifelong learning.

Fiona is committed to ensuring her entire practice, from whiteboard writing to worksheets to tone of voice is specific to the learning needs and styles of her students.  “On a broader lever, I believe the classification of ‘special needs’ needs to be revisited in order for pedagogy to change. Regardless of whether a student has an officially recognised or diagnosed need, careful consideration of how they can demonstrate their knowledge most effectively is crucial.”

As a Lead Educator, Fiona endeavours to determine the best and most efficient use of Mathletics to differentiate for mixed ability classes with ease. Building in aspects such as prompts, working space and the ability for students to write and critique their own questions could extend its use for students with both limited and higher ability in Maths.

I would love to see Mathletics take on some of the discovery learning aspects that engage students so well with IntoScience. Foundation and extension worksheets as part of the printable booklets would also be great!