Gold Coast Titans Mathletics Challenge Final

Sport and Maths combined on Monday 8th June at Skilled Park on the Gold Coast, Australia. The result was an exciting conclusion to the Gold Coast Titans Mathletics Challenge in what was a pressure cooker environment. With a magnificent view of the Titans home stadium in the background, 8 students representing Primary and Secondary Australian schools played in two deciding 60 second races of Live Mathletics.

The Titans Mathletics Challenge began with 548 schools around Australia participating in a week long Mathletics Challenge from May 24th to 29th. During that week 71,951 students got involved with the Gold Coast Titans offering some great prizes including, signed and framed jerseys and a chance to play off in the Challenge Grand Final at the Gold Coast.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and effort, 8 students were flown to the Gold Coast for the Challenge Grand Final, to be held before the St George Illawarra Dragons v Jetstar Gold Coast Titans Rugby League game. The top 8 finalists are listed below.

Primary Finalists

1. Muhammad Yaseen – Al Faisal College, New South Wales
Joseph Couzner – Highgate Primary School, South Australia
Mitchell Button – North Kalgoorlie Primary School, Western Australia
Brendon Cooke – Marist College Ashgrove, Queensland

Secondary Finalists

1. Jarrod McAleese – Hillcrest Christian College, Victoria
Larisa Severino – Charles Campbell Secondary School, South Australia
Lana White – Caroline Chisholm School, Australian Capital Territory
Stephen Beagley – Sunshine College, Victoria

These students can be very proud of the way they conducted themselves and should be congratulated on making the trip (in some cases from the other side of Australia) to the Gold Coast for what would be a nerve-racking final. Special thanks also go to the Gold Coast Titans, who helped initiate and support this Challenge and looked after the finalists who travelled to the Gold Coast. Mathletes will notice that a Titans jersey, Titans cap and Skilled Park background are all available in Facemaker.