February Mathletics Master Class

We are excited to announce our February Mathletics Master Class recipient – Darrell Letourneau, K-7 Coordinator at Learn@home K-7, part of school district 68, Nanaimo-Ladysmith, BC.

Feb mast class
School: Learn@home K-7, BC
Teacher: Darrell Letourneau, K-7 Coordinator
We were happy to learn how Mr. Letourneau has implemented Mathletics into his classroom. His students are  excited about math and are actively participating in their learning goals and progress.

“Many of our students are high performance dancers or athletes with strict training regimens during the day, with small windows of time to work on academic assignments. Other students are traveling, or need to be mobile due to health or personal issues. Our students normally only have 2-3 hours every day to spend on all their academic activities. In order to get the most out of this limited time, we use the end-of- unit activity tests for each unit as pre-tests. Each test is automatically marked and provides immediate feedback on strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can easily tell by the color-coded graphs if students have mastered a skill (85% or higher), are working on mastery (50-84%) or are still in the process of acquiring and solidifying skills (less than 50%). Teachers can immediately assign activities as needed and those activities show up the next time the student logs in. Students must complete these assigned activities before moving on to other work. Students can now focus their very limited time they have on those activities that need improvement. ”

Mr. Letourneau has seen significant increase with  students’ math results since using Mathletics.  He as also noticed a shift  in students’ attitude towards math.

‘The impact was immediate and had a significant and positive impact on our students’ Math performance. Our students are excited to work on Math each day! They enjoy doing Math activities, seeing themselves improve and challenging each other, the computer bots or other students in other schools via Live Mathletics. It’s fun for them to create personalized avatars by earning credits and spending them in the store as a reward for their hard work.”

Mr. Letourneau  strives to engage his students in their education.  He utilizes Mathletics to create a partnership in learning by goal setting with his students.

“We encourage them to become partners in their own Math education, celebrating their accomplishments and making notes on areas of challenge. We use these notes in co-operative goal-setting, which is built into students’ Individualized Learning Plans.”

Thank you to Mr. Letourneau for sharing.


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