Students can earn a range of rewards to encourage positive usage and improvement as detailed below.


Reading Eggs

Reading Lessons: Between 14-42 Eggs per complete lesson
Skills Bank: 2 Eggs per component of each lesson, could earn up to 18 – 20 Eggs
Story Factory:  40 Eggs per completed book
Puzzle Park: 4 eggs per correct answer

Driving Test: Eggs are earned in the race which students are invited to participate in once they have answered all of the Driving Test questions correctly. Every star collected represents an egg earned for example 40 stars collected = 40 eggs earned
Reading Eggspress

Comprehension Gym:

  • General Activities = 10 Eggs
  • Dictionary = 20 eggs
  • Quiz = 10 eggs per correct answer & 0 eggs for incorrect answer


  • ‘Play a person’ = 20 Eggs for 1st place and 5 Eggs for 2ndplace
  • ‘Play the computer’  = 0 Eggs

Quote Quest: There are different amounts of Eggs hidden across the 100 levels, students will earn 1 Egg for every one they find.

Library: Each book states how many Eggs can be earned once students have read the book and completed the quiz with a minimum of 80% correct answers.


Students earn certificates when they complete the quiz at the end of each map in Reading Eggs. Certificates are levelled as Bronze, Silver and Gold.

CRITTERS (Reading Eggs)

Students earn a new ABC Reading Eggs Critter at the end of every lesson.

TRADING CARDS (Reading Eggspress)

Students earn trading cards when they read a book and complete the quiz. There are 6 Realms of trading cards that students can collect and trade

MEDALS (Reading Eggspress)

  • Bronze Medal: when students earn 1000 eggs in 1 week
  • Silver Medal: when students have earned 5 Bronze Medals
  • Gold Trophy: when students have earned 3 Silver Medals