Teachers can view class usage and student reporting through the Student Stats function within the Teacher Centre. There is an option for Reading Eggs Student Stats and Reading Eggspress Student Stats.

Included within this you have a Detailed Reading Report; Detailed Spelling Report; Detailed Driving Report; and a Detailed Storylands Report for Reading Eggs. Within Reading Eggspress you have reporting for the Comprehension Gym and Library books read with quiz results. The first screen that you see will provide you with a class overview and class reports, you can then select a student’s name to review each account in further detail.

You can use the reporting function to monitor what the students have completed and achieved, printing reports and certificates as required.

A Subscription Coordinator can see information for the whole school and has a School Stats tab under Management on their menu bar, rather than Student Stats. Clicking on a Teachers name will show you the results information for their class and students. The view will default to Reading Eggs results however to change the view to Reading Eggspress you can select Switch to the Reading Eggspress class report tab at the top of the page.

Helpful tip: Within each screen of the Student Stats you will see a printer symbol  in the top right hand side of the screen, when you select this it will print the results screen that you are viewing.