When logged in as a teacher, follow these steps:
– Click on ‘Manage Class‘.
– Scroll down the page until you see the link to ‘Login details‘. For Subscription Coordinators, this will say ‘Print Login cards for your class‘.

If you wish to view a student’s login details without printing them:

– Go to Manage Class

– Locate and select the student

– Click on the Edit button at the end of the row

This will display all of the students’ details, including their login. You can also use this to edit student details.

If you wish to change multiple student logins so that they have the same password:

– Go to Manage Class

Select the students you wish to change

– Select Edit Password from the row above the student list

– Enter the new password for the students

– Select Set Password

Voila! You should now be able to view your student sign in cards and print them off.