Writing Fun is designed to assist students to write a wide variety of genres. It features Text Organizers, for 14 text types, which explain the purpose, structure and language features. Also included are typical examples of student’s writing at six different ability levels.

The text types covered are: Information report; Procedure; Recount; Explanation; Persuasion (exposition); Discussion; Narrative; Response; Description; Letter; Invitation; Email; News article; Poetry. 

The poetry section explores the following poetry types and provides outlines and examples for each: Acrostic; Ballad; Cinquain; Concrete or Shape; Couplet; Diamante; Epitaph; Free Verse; Haiku; Limerick; Ode; Palindrome; Quatrain; Sonnet.

You can access Writing Fun through Reading Eggspress, it is located within Writing Press next to the Comprehension Gym and it can be used on an Interactive Whiteboard, as a teaching tool, or by individual students on computer.