Fantastic SEAMC 2016 Pre-Round over the weekend!

The teams coming together to participate in the SEAMC 16 event in a little over a week’s time have really embraced the spirit of the Online Pre-Round hosted on the Live Mathletics platform over the weekend. The level of activity of the SEAMC students was clear to see on the Hall of Fame at

Some teachers enquired about whether this Hall of Fame was displaying the true SEAMC 16 Pre Round leaders. The answer is “no”. The top students and classes shown on the site are based only on participation or volume of questions answered in a day for individuals or in a week for classes. A SEAMC Leading team is based on the combination of participation (Total Correct), Accuracy and Highest number correct over 60 seconds (Top Score).

Teachers are able to access all of this data for their own class via their “Reports” button in their Teacher Centre when they login. They cannot, however, see all of the classes accessible to the “SEAMC School Administrator” (see left) but they can get a good idea from the Hall of Fame.

In the spirit of the Team based event that SEAMC is, the Pre Round is also averaged across the 3 members in the team. It was clear that some teams did not have all 3 members participating over the first weekend. I am sure that these students will be encouraged to participate via their colleagues this weekend.

A final comment. As the numbers indicated that Level 8 was no great challenge for SEAMC 16 students, this weekend’s challenge will be held on Level 9. The “SEAMC Score” of each weekend will be combined to determine the overall winning team.

Good Luck on Level 9 to all teams!

Paul McMahon
3P Learning Regional Manager – Asia