Students at Fairgreen National School in Ireland recently celebrated the successes of their winning students in the European Maths Challenge – and we wanted to share the news with you. It sounds like the presentations made it a great day at Fairgreen!

Head Teacher Mrs Trenier said “as a small two-teacher school with a total enrolment of only just 34 pupils, it’s great to be able to compete on equal terms with students from all around Europe – and the pupils learn some geography as well as improving their maths!!  This year one of our students, Stephen T, was second placed student in Ireland. Two of our youngest pupils, both only six years old in Senior Infants, competed in the European Maths Challenge for the first time this year and both scored over a thousand points each  – Elliott P 1136 points and Joyce T 3855 points – fantastic scores!!”

In total, Fairgreen had seven pupils scoring in the top 1000 in Europe, which is a great achievement for such a small school. In addition, not only was the senior class ranked the top class in Ireland, but overall the school as a whole finished in 15th place on the leaderboard for all of Europe. Well done everyone!!

The school’s three top scorers Adam D, Stephen T and Aiden C celebrate their successes

Elliott P and Joyce T all smiles with their certificates