TG with maths symbols

Hi, I’m Tristan, the World Education Games (WEG) 2015 Ambassador for Victoria, Australia.

I’m feeling very excited as the World Education Games are drawing ever closer. World Literacy, Maths and Science days, sponsored by 3P Learning’s Spellodrome, Mathletics and IntoScience are sure to bring some thrills! Hopefully I can encourage lots of young Victorians to sign up and join in the fun. I’m also ecstatic because this is a great opportunity for me and the other Victorian participants to become more confident and realise that learning can be fun. To promote the games in my area, I’m going to put up posters in places such as shopping centres, libraries and schools.  I am also busy preparing emails to send out to a number of Victorian schools contacts to raise the profile of #WEG2015.

I’m very lucky that I’ve had a nurturing education, as over fifty million kids all around the world don’t get the opportunities I have here in Melbourne. It’s a sad affair to hear about, but with the help of UNICEF’s “School in a Box” program, that will hopefully change very soon. Every correctly answered question in the games will help raise money for a “School in a Box”. All we can do is hope that this sets these poor, unfortunate kids up for a brighter future.

Ever since I received the Ambassador Application Form from my wonderful teacher, there was no way I could stop thinking about WEG stuff! For example, I was constantly thinking about things like whether I’d become an Ambassador or not, and if I did, what would happen at the Australian Briefing in Sydney. I was also inspired to be an Ambassador because I wanted to share life stories and tales about education with my fellow Ambassadors.

So C’MON young Victorians, apply for the games and have lots of fun with me online playing Spellodrome, Mathletics and IntoScience. You never know, we might help beat the record of 5,118,342 participants.

Go Victoria!!!