Well, it’s been an exciting first two days of the Challenge and there is still all to play for! Some excellent scores so far from all schools involved, with Pahkilmae Gumnaasium streaking ahead in the schools competition with over 10,000 points so far, and IoanCalin A from the  Netherlands and Zolihan S from Norway battling it out for Top Student. There is some excellent work being done by all students involved, but remember that points earned between 11pm and 8am do not count towards the Hall of Fame, so we reccommend students use this time to SLEEP and prepare for the next day’s play!

As we are able to view results by country this year, lets see how the Top Schools Halls of Fame are looking………..

The Top 3 Schools in Spain are currently:
1. King’s College
2. Escaan International School
3. The British School of Aragon

And in Germany the battle for the Top School currently looks like this:
1. ESF
2. International School of Dusseldorf
3. Franconian International School

How will the Halls of Fame change over the coming week? Who will be the European Maths Champion? It’s anyone’s guess at this stage! Get Mathleticking everyone!!