Whiteboards have long been a highly useful tool for teachers to display concepts and notes while promoting student interactivity. Those who have used whiteboards though, will have noticed that they do have their limitations. You write your notes up and at the end of the lesson you wipe it clean. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save those notes and share it with your students so they can look back on it whenever they’d like?

Meet our 3rd prize in the 2016 school prize draw and your essential whiteboarding companion, the Equil SmartMarker.

How does it work?

The Equil SmartMarker captures everything you physically write, as you write and sends it in real-time to the Equil app. The app gives you several options including translating your notes into type text, sharing capabilities and even live streaming of your lesson.

Wherever you whiteboard, SmartMarker will work. Slip an everyday marker into the sleeve, set up the receiver and away you go! Capture your ideas over a massive 5m x 1.5m area.

How you could use the Equil SmartMarker

Imagine streaming lessons to anyone in Australia (or the world) thus bridging the gap between teacher and learner – revolutionising distance education.

Imagine sharing your lessons with colleagues. Think about how you could help student teachers learn the tricks of the trade. Think about how you could collaborate with other teachers on lesson planning.

Imagine your students never losing their notes again.

Check out the video below to see the Equil SmartMarker in action!

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