The U.S. Department of Education and schools alike, are recognizing the practical and pedagogical affordances of online learning in increasing student engagement and improving educational productivity.

The growth in educational technologies is seeing a favourable shift in modern classroom practices – away from an era where students are the passive recipients of knowledge, and towards an era where students partake in an active learning process. Under this approach, students are required to participate in a range of activities which demand higher order thinking and ultimately, greater intellectual effort. As opposed to sitting and listening quietly, students are now challenged to be active creators of knowledge and take responsibility of their learning. So how do educational technologies enable this?

1. Encouraging student engagement

Online resources give students a myriad of opportunities to take an active role in their learning, whether that be through online discussions, interactive activities, online gaming or immersive 3D environments. In this way, the dynamic nature of online resources promote student participation and boost student engagement.

2. Placing students at the center of their learning

Online learning environments facilitate a continual learning cycle, whereby students are continually assessed and provided with immediate feedback. This allows students to take a proactive role in addressing their strengths and weaknesses, and accelerating their education.

3. Boosting student confidence

Online learning environments take the ‘fear’ out of learning through placing students in a supportive learning sphere. Students are provided with an abundance of interactive resources which direct and support their learning journey – helping to make challenging concepts more approachable. With the ‘fear of failure’ eliminated, students are encouraged to take an active role in their learning.

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