“Spellodrome positively influences student attitudes towards learning spelling and motivates them to improve and build upon their spelling skills.  Spelling is integral to effective literacy skills and through regular Spellodrome use, students become proficient spellers as well as developing critical spelling awareness skills. Parents and teachers will be delighted in the measurable progress made each week!” ~ Anne Watson, educator.

Teachers have the option of either creating customised word lists for their class, or they can use the ready-made (and curriculum aligned) Spellodrome recommended “Word Lists” for setting homework.  “My Word Lists” has the functionality to allow both students and parents to see the words that have been teacher assigned.

In the case of home-users, parents have the ability to customise their childrens’ “Word Lists” to focus on building spelling and vocabulary skills that are related to the school’s current unit.

The interactive capabilities allow students to practice their words using the effective “Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check” method.  With the support of the virtual Spellodrome coach: Cyclobot, students can perfect their spelling skills and feel confident in their spelling abilities.

Spelling is not only a visual skill.  Students also need to know how a word sounds.  Spellodrome makes this possible through the inclusion of both audio and visual activities.

Each week, students are required to complete a weekly spelling test consisting of up to 16 words that get increasingly more difficult.  This is known as “Cyclobot’s Challenge” and is based on individual students’ allocated word lists.  It requires them to listen to the word as the sentence is read out and then type the word correctly spelled into the box on the screen.

Cyclobot's Challenge - Spellodrome

Listening to the word in the sentence helps students understand the meaning of the word and how it’s used contextually in spoken English – which in turn helps develop eloquence, broadens vocabulary use and consequently improves writing skills too!

Troublesome words become ‘focus words’ for the following week, which ensures that students become proficient and confident in all their words.

Once homework is complete, parents and teachers can permit students access to play word list spelling game: “Cyclobot’s Revenge” where students play against members of the global Spellodrome community or the computer (Cyclobot/Cyclobette themselves!)

With “Cyclobot’s Revenge” students are challenged, encouraged to think critically and develop their own spelling strategies through the recognition of letter patterns and word families.

The winner is the player who correctly completes the word first and they are rewarded with points to use on accessorising their profile avatar.

Cyclobot Revenge

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