Have you and your students been enjoying IntoScience lately? Hundreds of students have already been logging in daily – talk about enthusiastic science students! 


Now that your class has explored what IntoScience has to offer, let’s look at what activities are available inside and how lessons can be organised within the classroom.
There are various activities that spark curiosity amongst students in order to investigate the cause and effect of several experiments. Click on the video to view several activities and challenges within the program.


Activities and challenges


Activity: Flow of energy through an ecosystem
Students learn to approach ecosystem investigation from the perspective of energy flow. The groups of producers, consumers and decomposers are introduced and explored. Students are required to partake in interactive activities and quizzes in order to progress to the next focus area in the topic.  The inclusion of a ‘Mid Challenge’ ensures that students are actively learning and provides students with an opportunity to identify any problem areas.


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