Ian Thompson (Mathematics teacher) and Judy Green (Education Assistant), conference presenters from WA share this strategy they adopt with students successfully.

Here is a very simple way for teachers to help students become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses   and help them develop procedures for self-improvement.  In the Mathletics Teacher Console, go to Results.  Assign Tests for all topics to be covered in the term/semester/year.

Assessments Image 1

Once the tests have been completed go to Reports and select Report Generator and print out the Student Reports for the class.

In discussion with each student identify the topic with the lowest result.

Assessments Image 2





Encourage student goal setting eg by the end of a set period of time (eg 5 weeks) ensure the identified topic no longer has the lowest score (rather than obtain the highest score or a particular value).

After the period of time:

  • Reassign the tests – remember all questions are randomly generated every time activities and tests are entered, so redoing a test does not make it any easier.
  • Reprint the Student Reports and compared the two print outs.
  • Praise students for improving results.
  • Identify the topic now with the lowest score and repeat the cycle.
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