Emina Avdic 19.7.16Emina Avdic has returned to double her Lead Educator status, recently completing Reading Eggs Certification as a Lead Educator.

Emina teaches primary students at Woodridge North PS, in QLD .  She currently has a “1:1 laptops class of wonderful year 6 students”! Commencing her teaching career in 2012, she holds the roles of ICT and Maths leader.

Inclusion is her passion and Emina is currently in her 2nd year of Masters of Inclusive Education.  She’s also highly interested in incorporating 21st century tools in teaching and learning.

Right now, Emina’s current goals include running a flipped classroom, and taking on another laptop class once her students graduate this year.

Emina Avdic is also a Mathletics Lead Educator, read more.