Learning is a discovery – Chris Scott, Ellen Stirling PS

Chris Scott - photo w Elmo

I believe that learning should be a discovery. Children need to engage in fun, ‘hands on’ and relevant activities that inspire them to further their knowledge by personal experience with the digital world. I encourage staff and students alike, to interact responsibly with online learning communities and digital media to further their understanding and develop higher level thinking.

Chris Scott is passionate and committed to the empowerment of staff and students to use new technology as a tool to enhance their life learning journey. As a primary school educator, he has worked in education for 10 years as a class teacher, physical education specialist and an ICT specialist. Chris loves technology and is a leader in the training, implementation and integration of digital technologies across his school and local area.

As a project leader in the ICT area at Ellen Stirling PS, Chris utilised the Mathletics program to develop a whole school (P-6) approach to assessment, moderation and data collection.

Mathletics has proved to be invaluable for supporting student learning, assisting staff assessment processes and the collection of student and staff data for the school administration. Through the use of Mathletics, I have been able to engage parents and the wider community in sessions to support current Mathematics content and teaching practices. This has enabled them to active support their child’s learning. The success of Mathletics has been acknowledged by the community and resulted in the school P and C providing ongoing financial support to program resourcing.

Chris is currently exploring new opportunities and creative approaches to develop and applying digital and technical knowledge within learning communities.

Watching students and teachers learn and understand a new concept or skill is the most rewarding part of teaching.

Are you leading Mathletics at your school?  Isn’t it time you become Mathletics Certified?

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