Ellen Bowen_WamuranWamuran SS’s Ellen Bowen recently completed certificate 1 and 2 of Mathletics Teacher Certification.

Having used Mathletics at her previous school, she’s clear on how she integrates the program in her class explaining “Mathletics has engaged my students, given a great visual tool for whole class lessons, great interactive small group and independent activities. It has allowed my students to learn at their pace – some a whole year level above.”

So we were curious how she found the Teacher Certification pathway?  “I feel this is brilliant to acknowledge and promote as professional development for teachers. We already do the work and to now have recognition via the certificates is brilliant for both personal and professional validation of the work we do. In Queensland we have a set number of professional development hours to remain registered as a teacher, this is a brilliant way to complete some of those PD hours!”Elllen Bowen Wamuran SS, QLD

Being Wamuran’s first certified teacher, Ellen was already putting thought as to how she’d let her colleagues know about their certification options:  “I am going to share informally at first in a staff meeting about meeting the QCOT standards around PD. I will suggest teachers gain this certification not only to achieve their own goals but to satisfy a requirement of our profession!”

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