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Tim is Managing Director of 3P Learning. A passionate advocate for education and father of four.

Almost every day, small but brilliant things are created by our community of learners, which encapsulate the spirit of our quest to help a generation of students love learning.

This video created by Jed de Torres, earlier this month, is one of the best I have seen.

Jed is the Blended Learning Instructional Specialist at St Joseph School in Mountain View, California. He was introducing IntoScience to the school community, and captured the feelings and thoughts of students and teachers.

“It was just… awesome.”  “I loved the archery.”   “It shows you a fun way to learn.”   “It gives you an idea of what you might be like as a scientist when you get older.”

These were just some of the words of students after using IntoScience to support what they were learning in class. Students talk eloquently about the science behind archery, and the properties of rocks.

Who wouldn’t want to be learning science at St Joseph School after seeing this video?

IntoScience is something special, helping the fundamentals of science become second nature to students and loved by students and teachers.

Rachel Hilario, a passionate teacher of science in grades 4-8 at St Josephs School says: “One of the things we are trying to do here with the blended learning model, is make kids more responsible and independent for their learning.”

And, what she was really excited about was “the fact that kids could play an interactive world and integrate the science we are learning in class.”

IntoScience is a rare, once-in-a generation resource, and we encourage you to pilot it with your school, to put the love of learning science to the top of your thinking.

I’ll be at EduTECH 2015 (2-3 June) with the 3P Learning team and our lead science teacher, Dave Canavan. We’d be delighted to introduce you to IntoScience.

And, here you can find out about the great workshops we are hosting at EduTECH.